By order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation dated January 11, 2023 №. 29 «On Approval of the List of Federal Innovation Sites for 2023», Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University was granted the status of a Federal innovation platform (FIP).

The FIP status of MSGEU was obtained thanks to the development of an innovative educational project «Methods of training, professional retraining and advanced training of graduates with disabilities “Formation of an individual trajectory of professional development of persons with disabilities in an entrepreneurial environment» (2023-2024).

The head of the federal innovation platform is Elena Sergeevna Sakharchuk, Vice-Rector for Educational and Methodological Work of Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University.

In accordance with the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation dated March 22, 2019 №. 21n «On approval of the procedure for the formation and functioning of innovative infrastructure in the education system», the goal of creating Federal innovation platforms in educational institutions of higher education is to ensure the modernization and development of the education system, taking into account the main directions of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, ensuring the implementation of priority areas of the state policy of the Russian Federation in the field of education.

The programs of the Federal Innovation Platforms are focused on improving the scientific and pedagogical, educational and methodological, organizational, legal, financial and economic, personnel, logistics support of the education system.

Every year, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation determines the most effective federal innovation platforms, the results of which are recommended for active dissemination in all educational institutions of higher education.

Official information on the formation and functioning of the innovation infrastructure in the higher education system is regularly published on a specialized portal:


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