What do future graduates of MSHEU choose? Research from the career center “Growth”

The Career Center of MSHEU “Growth” conducted a study among students.
A number of issues were discussed: dream job, orientation to work in the specialty, first employment experience.
Does a dream job always become a student’s first job? As follows from the survey, many university students, for example, start their careers as a junior specialist at Tinkoff, a manager at SPK GROUP, a promoter at Rostelecom. Most often this happens at the age of 19-20 years, and the first salary is 5-10 thousand rubles.
Who do MSHEU students see themselves as after graduation? Future lawyers plan to work as law teachers, real estate valuation lawyers and civil servants. Many students of the Faculty of Law would like to work in the bar association. They are attracted to the employer by a high level of wages, a good team and interesting tasks. Almost half of the future MSHEU lawyers choose to work for hire.
Students of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy dream of working as psychological consultants online, as well as career consultants. After graduation, journalists and sociologists, in addition to their main specialty, choose to be screenwriters, SMM specialists, bloggers and university teachers. Graduates of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are translators from Turkish and English. Future economists plan to work as accountants, HR managers and specialists in banking. Programmers and game developers see themselves as students of the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity of MGUE.
“Every student, novice specialist, university graduate needs to understand one thing: there is an acute shortage of qualified specialists in various fields in the country. Not always the first work experience can be successful and successful, but nevertheless, you should always try and look for career opportunities,” Victoria Moiseeva, a professional consultant of the Department for Youth Policy and Social Work of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University, shared her opinion.