Vice–Rector of MSHEU Siyabshakh Magomedovich Shapiev spoke at the round table “Every veteran is a teacher and mentor of youth”

On April 5, the Vice-rector for Administrative and Economic Work and Security of MSHEU, Doctor of Law, Professor Siyabshakh Magomedovich Shapiev took part in the round table “Every veteran is a teacher and mentor of youth”.

The round table was organized by the Coordinating Council of the International Union “Commonwealth of Public Organizations of Veterans (Pensioners) of Independent States” with the participation of the CIS Executive Committee and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Siyabshakh Magomedovich Shapiev presented the report “Mentoring in education: problems and ways to solve them”.

“Mentoring in education is currently at the stage of revival, because after the collapse of the USSR and significant changes in the educational sphere, the institute of mentoring was not in demand at the appropriate level.  For the older generation, who grew up in the USSR, the process of knowledge transfer was organically combined with the moral and pedagogical aspect. We looked at our teachers at school and teachers at universities with deep respect, as carriers of rich knowledge, as an example of behavior at school, in everyday life and in society. Thanks to our mentors, certain life values were formed, we realized ourselves faster and more successfully in adulthood,” Siyabshakh Magomedovich emphasized in his speech.