To Remember the Heroes

The Victory Day concert devoted to the 72nd anniversary of the Great Patriotic War was held at the university concert hall on the eve of the event to honor the veterans who fought in that frightful war and defended our freedom and peace.

Оn behalf of the University Rector V. Bayramov the staff and the students were congratulated by Rector Deputy V. Zozulia.

Leonid Fedorov, the General Law Department Professor, a Veteran of the Great Patriotic War, shared with the assembled his memories on the last days of that unprecedented War, which took so many lives. His real life stories about the courage of people who fought next to him on the battlefield were captivating and inspiring.

University staff and students welcomed Leonid Leonidovich with warm congratulations, and expressed their deep gratitude for his military prowess since his personal heroic act as well as the lives of heroes who sacrificed them for people ensured our peaceful skies today.

The official part was followed by the concert, where traditional war songs were performed by the students.