Within the framework of the planned scientific events of the Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics, from April 11 to 25, the STUDENT SPRING of MSUHE – 2019 will be held.

The grand opening will take place on April 11-12 in the Assembly Hall of the Moscow State University of Economics and Industry, within which the best reports of students and young scientists selected by the teaching staff of the departments are provided.

The work of STUDENT SPRING at MSUHE-2019 under the guidance of leading professors and associate professors of the University will be held within the framework of seven scientific conferences:

Thje Faculty of Economics – Scientific and Practical Conference “The Modern Model of Russian Society: Cognitive Technologies as the Basis of the Economic Independence of Citizens, including Persons with Disabilities”;

The Faculty of Law – III Interuniversity scientific-practical conference of students and undergraduates “Actual problems of Russian legal science: history, theory, practice”;

The Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics – Scientific-practical conference “Contemporary problems of mathematics and computer science”;

The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​- All-Russian Scientific-Practical Conference “Actual problems of linguistics, inter-linguistics  and cross-cultural communication”;

The Faculty of Sociology and Journalism – Scientific-practical conference “Actual problems of philology, journalism and book publishing”;

The Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy – Scientific-practical conference “Modern problems of psychology and pedagogy: science and practice.”

In the course of the scientific and practical conferences within the faculties, departments of MGGUU, there are 18 sections with presentations of more than 200 participants.

Within the framework of the STUDENT SPRING MSUHE-2019, an annual university competition for the best student work “Overcoming. Beyond the possible”.

Doctors and candidates of science, graduate students and applicants, scientific degrees holders, researchers and specialists of various profiles and activities, teachers, students are invited to participate in the STUDENT SPRING of MSUHE-2019.