The Second Scientific and Practical Conference for Masters and Post-graduates: “SCIENCE WITHOUT LIMITS: YOUNG SCIENTISTS VIEW”

On March, 22 MGGEU hosted the Second Scientific and Practical conference for Masters and Post-graduates “Science without Limits: Young Scientists’View.”

The annual Conference began with the plenary session.

The participants of the Conference were welcomed by M. Kovaleva, PhD., Vice-Rector for the Educational Organization, O.Oreshkina, PhD. in Law, Director of Postgraduate Affairs, Y.Nesterenko, PhD. in Economics, the Head of Financial Department; O.Bulakov, S.J.D., History and Theory of State and Law Department Professor; E. Naberushkina, PhD. in Sociology, Professor of Sociology Department; S. Repko, PhD. in History, Professor; G.Vakku, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor of Russian Language and Literature Department; I.Litvinenko, PhD. in Economics, Associate Professor of Managerial and Entrepreneurial Training Department.

30 graduates and masters participated in the Conference, presenting their research results.

The Conference included five panels:

–    Panel №1 – faculty of Economics;

–    Panel №2 – faculty of Law;

–    Panel №3 – faculty of Sociology and Psychology;

–    Panel №4 – faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics;

–    Panel №5 – faculty of Foreign Languages, faculty of Book Publishing and Editing.

Summing up the results of the Second Scientific and Practical Conference for Masters and Post-graduates “Science Without Limits: Young Scientists’ View,” the plenary session members emphasized the high level of the theoretical base, a deep understanding of practical problems, which were explored by the participants, exhaustive comments from the jury.


The following conferences, as it has been suggested, should be expanded in both, the number of participants (among post-graduates and masters) and geography.