The Scientific and Practical Conference “Current Problems of Philology, Journalism, and Book publishing”

On April 22, 2018, within  the framework of MGGEU Student Science Week the Faculty of Book Publishing and Editing held

the scientific and practical conference “Current problems of philology, journalism and book publishing” which gathered participants majoring in Journalism (42.03.02), Book publishing (42.03.03), Translation and Translation Studies (45.05.01).

The Conference had three panels:
– Panel №1: “Current problems of journalism and book publishing”;
– Panel №2: “Current problems of linguistics”;
– Panel №3: “Current problems of literary studies”;
Following the results of the panels’ work the Academic Jury commended students’ solid grounding and creativity in presentation, announcing  the winners in:

Panel №1: “Current problems of journalism and book publishing”:
the winner was Aleksei Zotov, a 4th-year student (“Peculiar Characteristics of Intellectual Game at the National Television” (research advisor G.V. Vakku).
The second best research nomination went to Maria Kostromitina, a third-year student (“Literary Tourism as the Way to a Book Promotion” (research advisor S.A. Moiseeva).
The third prize entry was Daria Chaplygina, a third-year student (“Colour and Shape in Advertisement Perception” (research advisor G.V.Vakku).

Letters of acknowledgement were presented to the first year students V. Shkurikhin and Y. Belyakova for their work “Topical Issues of Modern Media – Digital Inequality” (research advisor S. Lebedeva); E. Bondarenko for “Infoglut as the Way of Virtual Reality Design” (research advisor S. Lebedeva); and to the third year student E. Terekhova for “The Role of Humour in Advertisement Retention” (research advisor G.V. Vakku).

Panel №2: “Current Issues of Linguistics”:
the winner was E. Terekhova, a third year student (“Literary “Eccentricity” of V.Khlebnikov, D. Kharms and others” (research advisor E.V.Skudnyakova);
The second prize went to E. Arkhipova, a first year student (“Indirect Speech Utterance Semantics in the Modern Russian Language (evidence from  Russian newspapers, (research advisor E.A.Tarasyuk)

The 3rd prize was awarded to Melnikova Yulia Alexandrovna, a third-year student (“On Bidirectional Editing of Verse Texts: Content-related and Psychological Aspects” (research advisor I. S. Nazmetdinova).

Panel № 3 “Current Issues of Literary Theory ”

The first prize went to Terekhova Ekaterina Antonovna, a third-year student (“Artistic Time Continuum as an Element of the Author’s Text-world Model  in the Novel “Time Machine” (research advisor E.V. Skudnyakova);

Zhilinskaite Paulina Eduardovna, a third-year student ranked second (“The Jungle Book” by R.D. Kipling In the Artistic and Philosophical Context” (research advisor A.Yu. Fomin);

the 3rd place was taken by Olga Konstantinovna Ilyinskaya, a third-year student (“Specificity of the Psychological Disclosure of  Robert Lokamp Image in the Novel by E.M. Remark “Three Comrades” (research advisor E.V. Skudnyakova).