The results of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Student Spring of MSHEU – 2023” have been summed up

From April 3 to 7, the annual All-Russian Scientific and Practical conference “STUDENT SPRING of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University – 2023” was held in the walls of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University. The scientific event took place within the framework of the Decade of Science and Technology for the period 2022-2031 announced by Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.
The conference gathered 322 participants from higher, professional and general educational institutions of Moscow and the Moscow region, Irkutsk region, Rostov Region, Stavropol Territory, the Republic of Mordovia and the Republic of Dagestan.
The results of their research were successfully presented by future applicants, students, undergraduates and postgraduates of MSHEU, Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A. I. Evdokimov, College of Physical Culture and Sports “Sparta”, Moscow State Law University named after O. E. Kutafin, Moscow City Pedagogical University, Russian State Social University, Irkutsk State University of Ways messages, branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in Pyatigorsk, N. P. Ogarev National Research Mordovian State University, A. A. Leonov Technological University, State University of Education, Dagestan State University of National Economy, Rostov branch of the Russian Customs Academy, secondary school No. 1795 “Losinoostrovskaya”.
During the large-scale scientific event, round tables, conferences, master classes with the involvement of expert practitioners, field trips were held:

— XI Interuniversity Scientific and Practical Conference “Traditions, innovations and collisions in the system of modern Russian and international law”;

— a master class on creating a comfortable communication environment for people with disabilities and HIA in partnership with ANO “Unique World” and with the support of grants from the Mayor of Moscow;

— master class “Advanced use of neural networks” together with the Academy of Information Systems;

— excursion to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation “Pages of the history of the Bank of Russia”;

— ten round tables: “Topical issues of journalism and media: history and modernity”, “Sociology in a society of uncertainty and risk: threats, challenges, social problems”, “Trends in the development of the management system in conditions of geopolitical instability”, “Russian economy in conditions of geopolitical instability”, “Models of scientific activity: the view of the young scientists”, “Global trends in digital technologies – a look into the future”, “Reflection of the conceptual sphere in language and literature: on issues of conceptual analysis”, “Problems of theory and practice of translation”, “General theoretical problems of modern linguistics”, “Linguistics as the basis of professional and intercultural communication”, “Topical issues of linguodidactics”.
According to the results of the round tables, the moderators noted the relevance of the selected topics, the depth of scientific research, the high level of preparation of speeches and the practical orientation of the proposed ways to solve the most acute socio-economic, legal, pedagogical-psychological, philological and communicative, translatological problems.
We express our sincere gratitude and gratitude to the scientific supervisors of students and moderators of round tables in the person of the faculty and administrative staff, as well as to the Student Scientific Society of MSHEU for their assistance in organizing and holding the annual All-Russian scientific and practical conference “STUDENT SPRING of MSHEU – 2023”!