The primary branch of the “Movement of the First” was opened in the Kalmyk branch of the MSHEU

On February 9, the opening of the primary branch of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth “Movement of the First” took place in the Kalmyk branch of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University.


At the solemn event, the director of the branch, Erdne Lidzhievich Pashnanov, made a welcoming speech, wishing young people to be proactive and successful in all endeavors. The chairman of the Council of the regional branch of the “Movement of the First” of the Republic of Kalmykia Saglara Vyacheslavovna Ankhanova spoke about the structure of the Movement, about opportunities for self-realization for young people, as well as about volunteer projects.

The Russian movement of Children and Youth “Movement of the First” was formed by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin in July 2022. The mission of the Movement is “To be with Russia”, “To be a person”, “To be together”, “To be on the move”, “To be the first”. The Movement’s activities are aimed at organizing leisure activities, creating opportunities for comprehensive development and self-realization, as well as professional orientation of children. You can join the Movement from the age of six. The participants may be minors studying under the programs of primary general, basic general, secondary vocational and higher education.