The inclusive MSHEU sapboarding team performed well at open water competitions

In Moscow, as part of SUP LIFE SAVING, the first inclusive trip on sapboards took place, which was attended by students of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University. The mixed team included both healthy participants and children with disabilities and disabilities.
The SUP LIFE SAVING series of starts is an open mass rowing competition, including on saps. Competitions are held in different cities of Russia. The peculiarity of the project is its wide coverage. In addition to the fact that participants undergo master classes on teaching water rescue skills and first aid, as well as paddling and swimming, SUP LIFE SAVING promotes a healthy lifestyle and helps in training the sports spirit and will to win.
Inclusive competitions on Borisovsky Ponds were held with the support of the interregional Federation of sapboarding. The departure took place in two stages: the official 200-meter race and the finish, which divided the participants into categories. The entire team of MSHEU went the distance to the end.
Natalia Novitskaya, the silver medalist of the World Championship and the coach of the inclusive team of MSHEU, perfectly prepared the athletes for the race. “I would like people to get the maximum pleasure from riding sapa, and this will be when a person can do it easily, beautifully, quickly and only with health benefits. Our guys coped well with the distance. We are all very grateful to the Federation of Sapboarding for support and assistance at all stages, and also thank everyone who helped the guys prepare and perform,” says the champion.