The III International Symposium “Digital data of people with disabilities” was held in the People’s Republic of China

A delegation of MGGEU headed by the Principal of the university V.D. Bayramov was taking active part at the III International Symposium of “Digital Data of an individual with disabilities” which was held in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and visited by representatives of the Nanjing Pedagogical University of Special Education (NUPCO-NNU).

At the opening of the Symposium, the Principal of the Moscow State University of Economics and Industry, Professor, Doctor of Sociological Sciences Vagif Deyrushevich Bayramov spoke on the topic: “Inclusive education in the Russian Federation. Experience MGHEU.

During the visit to the PRC, a ceremony of signing the Agreement on Cooperation between the National Public Service Organization (NNSO) and MGHEU took place, providing for a long-term partnership in the field of educational activities. This agreement gave a start to cooperation in various areas: joint research, exchange of experience, training specialists in working with people with disabilities, the development of special education standards. During the dialogue between the leaders of educational institutions, the problems of the internal organization of the educational process, standards, accreditation and the issuance of diplomas in Russia, the use of innovative technologies were touched upon. The parties highly appreciated the signed document and expressed their intention for long-term cooperation, including in the field of teaching disciplines in an inclusive university.

Nanjing Pedagogical University of Special Education is an educational institution with a rich history: it is the successor of one of the world’s oldest imperial university, founded in 258. In 1902, the University was transformed into Sanjiang Pedagogical Institute, which later united nine educational institutions headed by Nanjing ( received its name in 1950). The new university has become one of the most prestigious universities in China. Today, 27 thousand students study at the university. Over the past decade, university representatives have received more than 800 awards and diplomas. University students were twice the best at international English language competitions in London. Today the university is known for its research and projects in the field of higher education in the PRC.

During a visit to Nanking Pedagogical University of Special Education, Vagif Deyrushevich Bayramov gave a lecture to university students on the topic “From Segregation to Inclusion”, in which he outlined modern approaches to the educational process.

The delegation’s visit showed that close cooperation between educational organizations of two friendly countries undoubtedly contributes to establishing more trustworthy relations, improving the main activities of universities, and the agreements reached will help develop the sphere of inclusion and exchange information during joint research and organization of cultural events.