The 13th International Youth Festival of Social Advertising “ART START” diploma goes to MGGEU student’s social photo

The results of the 13th International Youth Festival of Social Advertising “ART START” came out at the Moscow University of Finance and Law (MFUA).

The festival “ART START” is an international youth festival of social advertising, covering the most intriguing tendencies in the sphere of advertising communications, both from the point of view of creative technologies and nonstandard carriers and ideas. The annual festival was founded in 2004. “ART START” is a socially significant project that allows the younger generation to openly submit their solutions for dealing with social problems by means of advertising. The main goal of the festival is to attract young people’s attention to the urgent social issues, to engage them in the search for new innovative approaches to pressing social matters.

“ART START” festival nominations in 2017:

  • Outdoor and print advertising
  • Short film
  • Social advertising campaign
  • Video advertising
  • Social Photography

Just as over the past years, ambitious and creative students took part in the festival, as well as young professionals in the field of advertising, design and art ranging in age from 13 to 35 years old.

Among the winners there was a representative of MGGEU – a fourth year student of the Faculty of Book Publishing and Editing, Anastasia Petina. Her supervisor is Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor of the Russian Language, Literature and Journalism Department, member of the Russian Journalists’ Union G.V. Wakka. The creative tandem of the student and the teacher took part in the contest of amateur photographers in the nomination “Social Photography” which featured photographic materials showing a social problem, suggesting ways to solve it as well as praising creativity, motivating for a healthy lifestyle, generating love for the neighbor, for work, for Motherland and for Nature.

The professional jury mentioned the relevance and originality of the work done by Anastasia Petina and awarded her the third place. The Republic of Tatarstan representative, Nailya Karimova, rose to the highest stage of the pedestal. Matvey Petrov from Cheboksary took a second place.

We congratulate Anastasia Petina and Grigory Vladislavovich Vakku with their successful performance at the Festival and we wish further creative victories!


More information about the 13th International Youth Festival of Social Advertising “ART START” can be found on VK group webpage


Authors: Anna Bakova, Alexey Zotov, students of the Faculty of Book Publishing and Editing, MGGEU. Photos were provided by Anastasia Petina and the festival site.

Translated by Alexey Zabolotski, a 4-year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.