Students of the Moscow state University of Humanities and Economics (MGGU) Meet the Russian Union of Auditors Representatives

On March 29, 2017  MGGU students of the Economics Department had a meeting with the representatives of the self-regulatory auditors organization “the Russian Union of Auditors”, member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). In the course of the meeting the professional auditors told the students about their profession, goals, objectives and specific activities of the self-regulatory organization “the Russian Union of Auditors”. The questions raised related to the qualification exam to verify the qualifications of the persons applying for a certificate of an auditor.

The students were told about the professional “Auditor” standard.  Special attention was paid to career counseling, employment assistance to students with disabilities and the arrangement of practices and internships in auditing companies for such students. The representative of RSA (Russia’s Union of Auditors), Lyudmila Naryshkina, answering the questions of the graduates, said that the results of the meeting with the students of MGGU will serve as the basis for applications to auditing companies concerning  practices and internships for disabled students and they will reflect their  special needs.

After the meeting the students were asked to do a professional case.