The past week was remembered by the interuniversity scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of linguistics, translation and intercultural communication in the modern multicultural space”, held within the framework of the annual All-Russian conference “Student Spring of MSHEU — 2023”. From April 3 to 7, students from different cities and even countries presented their reports with dignity, distributed in seven sections (The faculty traditionally held the largest number of sections!):
Section 1. “Topical issues of linguodidactics”;
Section 2. “Reflection of the conceptual sphere in language and literature: on issues of conceptual analysis”;
Sections 3 and 7. “Problems of theory and practice of translation”;
Sections 4 and 5. “General theoretical problems of modern linguistics”;
Section 6. “Linguistics as the basis of professional and intercultural communication”;
The geography of the conference has acquired a broad character: the event was attended by students not only from Russia, but also from Venezuela, Peru and Mongolia. Participants from other universities in Moscow, Korolev, Dagestan also joined the discussion.

We thank all the participants of the conference who shared their scientific works and wish them success in their research activities and new victories. We also remind you that the results will be announced very soon. The winners will receive diplomas and prizes!
We also express our gratitude to the moderators of the sections, our wonderful teachers for the preparation of speakers: Nikolai Borisovich Tuzanovich, Alyona Alexandrovna Ustinovskaya, Svetlana Evgenievna Belova, Sofia Alexandrovna Zubo, Marina Viktorovna Yakutina, as well as the head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication Inna Vladimirovna Verzhinskaya and the Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages Lyudmila Alexandrovna Pechishcheva.