Student’s Day at MSHEU: Results

In the last week of January, a number of festive events dedicated to the Day of Russian Students were held at MSHEU.

The Student Council has prepared concerts, quizzes and intellectual games.

The main event was a festive concert, where student committees presented their activities and demonstrated their talents on stage.

Also, the Vice-rector for Youth Policy of MSHEU Ageicheva Tatyana Evgenievna addressed the students with a welcoming speech and congratulations

The most active and talented members of the Student Council were awarded with diplomas for a special contribution to the development of students.

The Information Student Committee of MSHEU has prepared a quiz about the history of the Student’s Day in the student media “Studliner”. On the student radio “Single” (head – Alexander Tarasov) an issue was released in which two teams – students and the Youth policy department – also competed in a quiz dedicated to the double holiday.

The head of the student intellectual club “I want to know” Dmitry Vedensky held an intellectual and entertainment show “Where is Logic?”. In the game, the students showed their ingenuity and creativity.