“Scientific Regiment”: Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov is the legend of MSHEU

On the eve of the Victory Day, the students of MSHEU and members of the University trade union personally congratulated Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, commander of a machine-gun platoon, Colonel of Justice, Candidate of Law, Professor of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure. Leonid Leonidovich can truly be called a legend of MSHEU. He will be 99 years old in August!
Representatives of the university visited the veteran and presented gifts, and also conveyed congratulations from all students, management and teaching staff of the university. Rector of MSHEU Igor Vasilyevich Mikhalev expressed gratitude to Leonid Leonidovich for his work and personal contribution to the Victory, for the opportunity to live and be proud of his Homeland. “For us, you will always be a worthy example of selfless love and devotion to your people and Fatherland. Good health to you and long life! Peaceful sky over your head, good and well–being!”, – said the head of the university.
Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov was born on August 31, 1924 in Ufa. He graduated from the 9th grade of the 5th secondary school of Ufa. At the beginning of the war, he was called up for military service. Here ‘s how the veteran himself tells about it:
“… Just by June 22, I passed all the exams for the 9th grade. I was sitting in the garden on a Sunday afternoon… I was in such a mood, I was sitting, thinking: two months of holidays are ahead, I won’t have to go anywhere, it will be boring. And suddenly – the very performance of Molotov. As soon as I heard it, my first thought is – well, I think it won’t be so boring, since the war has begun … and the second thought is the stupidest: in two weeks our glorious army will be in Berlin, as they sang to us in the songs… and that’s it, the war will end, and it will be boring again. Soon after that, I receive a summons to the military enlistment office of the Kirov district – it was in the twenties of February 1942. And we – about 30 of my classmates and people from the institute – were sent to an infantry school.”
Leonid Leonidovich graduated with honors from the accelerated course of the Krasnokholmsky Military Infantry School of the South Ural Military District in August 1942. He served in Saraktash, Chkalov.
From September 1943 to February 1944 he was at the Riga Infantry School. In 1944-45, he fought as a commander of a machine-gun platoon on the 2nd and then on the 1st Ukrainian Fronts and deputy commander of a machine-gun company of the 2nd Red Banner Rifle Regiment of the 50th Rifle Division.
L. L. Fedorov was awarded three Orders of the Patriotic War, including the first degree, and many medals, including “For Military Merit”, “For the victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945”, “For Military Valor”.
By the way, it was here, in the war, Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov taught a vivid lesson of humanity and honor. One day there was a spontaneous fraternization of Romanian and our soldiers. It turned out that both lived in the same area before the war. Suddenly, an order came over the phone to open fire on the crowd. Fedorov flatly refused. It was the only order he had violated in 32 years of service. Fortunately, the downpour that began dispersed the countrymen to their trenches.
After the end of the war, Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov wanted to become a shipbuilder, but he was left in the army, a company commander, after a number of reports with a request to send him to study, he was given the opportunity to enter the Military Law Academy in Moscow.
After graduation in 1952, the captain of justice Fedorov, at his own request, is sent as an investigator to the prosecutor’s office of the Pacific Fleet. The investigator had a lot of work, the post-war period was rife with crime. Leonid Leonidovich managed to solve a number of serious crimes.
In July 1971, Leonid Leonidovich was transferred to the General Staff of the Navy as a senior officer of the International Legal Department. Now he participates in the coordination of international issues on navigation.
In October–November 1972, Colonel Fedorov participated in the UN conference in London on pollution prevention as a representative of the USSR Ministry of Defense.
In 1971 Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Legal Sciences without leaving the service. Since 1974, after his discharge from military service, he has continuously taught at state universities: at the A.V. Lunacharsky GITIS, RUDN, Moscow University of the Humanities, I. Fedorov University of Printing. He also worked for many years at the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University.
Leonid Leonidovich conveyed his congratulations to the staff of our university:
“Dear students, teachers, employees of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University! I warmly congratulate you on the 78th anniversary of the Victory! I wish you all good health and every success! You represent today the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the Great Patriotic War. You should understand well and remember who and when said the historical words: “Our cause is right. The enemy will be defeated, victory will be ours! Whoever comes to us with a sword will die from me.” You are the heirs of this glory, your grandfathers and great–grandfathers! I wish you all the best, fulfillment of all wishes and fruitful work for the benefit of our Motherland! Thank you for your attention, thank you for what you are doing not only for me personally, but also for all our veterans!”
The video of Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov’s congratulatory speech is posted on the MSHEU page in Rutube: https://rutube.ru/video/6f73e97e2c89b54827db1b8f4cd3443f