Psychologist Day At MGGEU

November 22 is an All-Russian Psychologist Day. Students and teachers of the pedagogy and psychology faculties of our university decided to celebrate this professional holiday outside the box, having conducted a series of events for all the students of MGHEU. The holiday started with the Psychological Forecast “Wishlist Basket”, which cheered the students up. Next, a round table “Current Issues of Social Psychology of Education” was held, which discussed the psychological and pedagogical support of adolescents, analyzed the psychological characteristics of the disabled students’ personalities, considered the features of psychological adaptation of first-year students to the conditions of an inclusive environment and other important issues. Evening surprised all the students with the career guidance game “Bunker” and film training. Our correspondents, 4th year students of the Faculty of Journalism Daria Chaplygina and Elizaveta Sinitsyna asked organizes, Demian Zakharov and Viktor Busarov, several questions.

C.: What are the goals of the”Bunker”?

DZ: This career-guidance game for students is aimed at developing communication skills that we, as psychologists, are trying to develop in our participants. Some students are afraid of communicating. This may be due to different facts, such as HIA, traumatic syndrome, etc. We, as educators and psychologists, should help them eliminate communication barriers.

C.: Is this game a one-time event or are similar events in the works?

DZ: We will carefully analyze the results of this game. If they are successful, it may see the future.

C.: Who helped you organize this event?

DZ: The dean of our faculty I.L. Rudenko helped with the questionnaire and adapted the game to the context of our university. This is a pilot, experimental project, which was attended by about 40 students.
Viktor Busarov, the second organizer of the film training event and a first-year master’s student of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy, was asked several questions by Elizaveta Sinitsyna.

C.: Are you planning to focus on animation or full-length films in the future?

VB: Both. The film is selected by the topic and then it is estimated, so it becomes clear what can be discussed. Next, a list of questions on the main topic is compiled, the reaction of the viewer is analyzed: what is discussed, areas of discussion, other topics arising in the process of conversation.

It was a very busy day. Such events organized by students with their fellow students being actively involved, are very useful and cause genuine interest.