Outcomes of MGGEU Science Week 2018

MGGEU Science Week 2018 is held within the framework of scientific activities at Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics on 16 – 20 April.

MGGEU Science Week 2018 was supervised by the professors and senior lecturers of the University faculties and departments.

The Conference had sixteen panels and involved 165 students.
Within the Conference there was held the annual university competition of students’ research works “Breakthroughs. Beyond the Limit”.
On April, 23 following the results of the MGGEU Science Week the Closing Conference and the Award Ceremony of 40 best students and the participants of the annual Scientific and Practical Conference took place. At the Closing Conference, the supervisors of each panel presented the outcomes and students’ scientific development proposals, which were added to the Resolution.  The Resolution on the Closing Conference outcomes of MGGEU Science Week 2018:
1. A high level of organization was observed within the framework of the Science and Practical Conference.
2. An extraordinary level of students’ activity was noted; also presented works became more elaborated.
3. It was proposed to increase the number of panels’ participants as well as MGGEU Science Week participants.
4. It was proposed to expand the MGGEU Scientific and Practical Conferences at the international and inter-university levels.
It was recommended to increase the number of MGGEU full-time education students in inter-university conferences.