MSHEU students visited the Central Bank of Russia

On April 6, MSHEU students took part in an excursion event on the territory of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The excursion took place within the framework of the MSHEU Student Science Week and the scientific and practical conference “MSHEU Student Spring – 2023”

Students of 1-3 courses of the Faculty of Economics under the guidance of Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Inna Leontievna Litvinenko and Senior lecturer of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Elena Mikhailovna Babanova visited the exhibition “Pages of the History of the Bank of Russia”.

During the excursion, students gained important knowledge about how money circulation changed, what the first banks were like and how the country’s State Bank turned into a bank of banks over the decades.

In addition, students got acquainted with ancient banknotes, historical financial documents and securities, had the opportunity to evaluate antique banking equipment and fragments of the working environment of different years.