MSHEU students took part in the TRP Race: “Let me be proud of myself”

On the Day of Russia, the All-Russian Patriotic Forum started in Moscow, which united ten areas-facets dedicated to pedagogy, culture, media, protection of the Fatherland, sports, volunteerism, ecology, history, family and science.
As part of the “Sport” project, Rosmolodezh held a sports and patriotic race “The TRP Race: Let me be proud of myself” on the territory of the Poklonnaya Gora memorial complex. Student teams took part in the competition, including the MSHEU team, who had to overcome a difficult distance consisting of an obstacle course and a one—kilometer race. The honor of the university was defended by students Askhab Khasanov, Anna Shabanova, Alexander Alexandrov, Ignatiy Shpagin and Artem Furman.
“Our students showed quite a good result. The race was difficult, there were many teams. But our guys have been preparing hard, and confidently entered the top ten. I am sure that next time they are quite capable of standing on a pedestal,” said Ekaterina Morozova, Head of the Department of AFC MSHEU.
This is not the first sporting success of university students: this month, the students of MSHEU have already won the All-Russian competitions “Steel Will”, and also showed excellent results at inclusive competitions in sapboarding and even archery.

Link to video: 2023_06_15_МГГЭУ_Гонка ГТО 01