MSHEU students can vote for the best youth projects of the university

Until February 21, a student vote is taking place for the initiatives of the MSHEU, which will get to the All-Russian Competition of Youth Projects (VKMP) from the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh).

4 projects have been identified that will be included in the comprehensive application from the university. Choose a project that you would like to bring to life. Online voting will last until February 21, 2023 inclusive.


To participate, you must complete the following steps:

  • Register/authorize on the website of AIS “Youth of Russia”:
  • Go to the “Edit profile” section, the “Education” tab
  • Specify the full name of the university – Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University (IT is IMPORTANT to make sure that the name of the university is marked in green), specify the direction of training and the year of graduation;
  • In the “Activity” tab, switch all sliders to the “green” position;
  • Go back to the event page and find the “Events of your educational institution” tab.
  • Under the MGGEU logo, select “More Details”.
  • Scroll down the page and see the item “Shifts”. Select the project you like and click “Apply”.
  • On the page that opens, click “Send a request”.

Completed! To make it easier to understand the registration and voting process, the university specialists have prepared a special instruction. It can be found in the attached file. Only MSHEU students can take part in the voting.


At the meeting of the Careerist Club and the MSHEU Alumni Association, students discussed the topic of starting a successful career

On February 15th, a meeting of the Careerist club and the MSHEU Alumni Association took place in the public talk format. The event was held with the participation of Olga Alekseevna Dolgova, a representative of the Superjob partner company, and Pavel Yuryevich Tukarev, a graduate of the Department of Economics and Finance in 2017, now head of the contract Department of FGKU GIVC.

The participants were graduate students of the Faculties of Economics and Foreign Languages. During the first half of the meeting, Olga Alekseevna Dolgova spoke about the skills needed to navigate the labor market, showed the possibilities of the Superjob platform for job search, and also told about the upcoming course for students of MSHEU, which will help build a career in the chosen specialization.

Graduate Pavel Yuryevich Tukarev shared his personal history of the beginning of his career, told about the most interesting interview, outlined the competitive advantages of public service and gave valuable advice on what a student needs to do now to become a good specialist after graduation.

A lot of questions were asked at the meeting, the students received nice gifts from the Superjob HR partner.


In the patriotic club “I am proud. Patriots of MSHEU” the management staff has been updated

At the regular meeting of the student patriotic club “I am proud. Patriots of MSHEU” elected a new head, deputy head and coordinator of the press service.

The head of the patriotic club became Angelina Nikitina, a student of the Faculty of Law, and Rufat Afandiev, a student of the Faculty of Economics, became the deputy head. Yulia Dudkina, a student of the Faculty of Law, will coordinate the press service of the club.


MSHEU recalls the importance of coronavirus prevention

The incidence of COVID-19 and influenza is increasing. In the period from February 6 to February 12, 78.8 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were detected in Russia.

According to Rospotrebnadzor, this is 30% more than a week earlier. The predominant strain of the virus remains “omicron”. In addition, the incidence of influenza and SARS has increased by almost 5%. Influenza viruses remain dominant among respiratory diseases, accounting for 53% of cases.

For the prevention of coronavirus and seasonal diseases, experts recommend using masks and minimizing attendance at mass events. Also important strengthen the immune system, eat a balanced diet, exercise, avoid stressful situations. It is worth emphasizing that vaccination and revaccination are still the most reliable ways to protect health.