MSHEU students are invited to the district Youth Educational Forum “Sheregesh”

From May 29 to June 2, 2023, the youth educational forum “Sheregesh” will be held in the Tashtagolsky district of Kuzbass, on the territory of the resort “Sheregesh”. The key direction of the forum is the involvement of talented youth in the development of digital products for the development of tourism in Siberia.
The result of the implementation of all stages of the forum will be a meta-search engine for young people, which will allow you to quickly create a route that is ideally suitable for the user, including: logistics solutions, a list of related cultural, recreational, historical, natural objects, accommodation options, instructions for ensuring safe passage of the route, the location of leisure, food, shops. And offers from partners of the portal will significantly save money.
At the forum, participants will interact with each other, with federal experts, speakers and organizers online, offline and in a mixed format.
The Forum includes work on five educational routes (tracks):
Track #1 – “Design in the development of digital products”;
Track #2 – “Modern Developers”;
Track # 3 – “Information Design”;
Track #4 – “Game design and programming”;
Track #5 – “Blogging and Media”.
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