MSHEU informs: there is an increase in the incidence of measles

The number of measles cases has increased in Russia. In the regions where cases of the disease have been recorded (including the Moscow region), all necessary anti-epidemic measures are promptly carried out. Immunization remains the only reliable method of preventing measles.
Measles is a viral disease that is transmitted by airborne droplets. The source of infection is a sick person. Susceptibility to measles is very high: almost all unprotected persons who have had at least short-term contact with the patient become infected. Measles can cause various complications.
There is no specific treatment for measles. The only reliable method of prevention is immunization. The chief sanitary doctor of Russia, Anna Popova, signed a decree “On carrying out cleaning immunization against measles”, which provides for the immunization of the population and migrant workers who have not been vaccinated against measles, who have not had measles before, as well as those who do not have information about measles vaccinations.
Rospotrebnadzor plans to carry out cleaning immunization against measles from April 3 to December 31, 2023. “Information about vaccinations is entered in the medical record. If, for some reason, this information has not been entered or an adult does not remember whether he has been vaccinated, an antibody test should be taken. By the level of antibodies, it is possible to assess the presence of immunity against measles. If there are no antibodies, you need to get vaccinated. This will help to preserve your health and the health of your loved ones,” the department emphasizes.