MSHEU held the world’s first Student Olympiad on knowledge of the rights of disabled people

On May 25, the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University hosted the final of the First All-Russian Student Olympiad “Rights of the Disabled”, which brought together students from all over Russia. The Committee of the Federation Council on Social Policy, the All-Russian Society of the Disabled, the All-Russian Society of the Blind and the All-Russian Society of the Deaf became partners of MSHEU in holding the Olympiad.
Opening the Olympiad, the scientific director of MSHEU Valery Ryazansky noted: “MSHEU is holding the first Russian student Olympiad on the Rights of the Disabled on a federal scale. This is a unique event in which we were lucky enough to become participants. And its holding coincided with the 15th anniversary of Russia’s accession to the International Convention for the Protection of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. I think it is very symbolic that this year we initiated and organized such a large-scale event.”
Senator of the Russian Federation Inna Svyatenko greeted the students and wished them victory. “The Olympiad promotes the formation of an active civic position among young people and draws public attention to the social protection and adaptation of disabled people,” she said.
Mikhail Terentyev, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, chairman of the All–Russian Society of Disabled People, also addressed the participants of the final, who noted that Russia has great prospects for development in the field of inclusion.
“The Olympiad brought together students not only from educational institutions in Moscow, but also from all over Russia. I wish victory to all participants, may the strongest win,” Elena Sakharchuk, Vice–Rector for Youth Work at MSHEU, said in an address to the participants.
In order to prove knowledge and demonstrate the ability to work in a team, teams of students had to solve complex tasks from the test and practical tasks. During the competition, the participants not only gained valuable experience and found new friends, but also eventually improved their legal literacy.
The teams that scored the most points in two rounds won. The first place was honestly won by students of the Educational Institution of Trade Unions of Higher Education “Academy of Labor and Social Relations”. The second place with a small margin was taken by the team of the Faculty of Law of MGSEU, and the third place with an equal result was shared by the teams of MSHEU im. Kutafina (Orenburg branch) and RANEPA (Lipetsk branch).
MSHEU plans to develop a palette of socially significant events at the regional and federal levels aimed at drawing attention to the processes of inclusive education and social rehabilitation of disabled people and people with disabilities.