MGGUE Rector’s Address on Russia Day

Dear students, academics and co-workers, let me congratulate you on this event which celebrates freedom, people’s peace and good understanding based on law and justice.

The Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian SFSR was adopted on the 12 of July, 1991.This holiday commemorates national consolidation and common responsibility for the Present and the Future of our Motherland.

We live in a great country with glorious history. We cherish the memory of our Past and look to the future with confidence, united by the aspiration to see Russia as a free and strong state. The personal duty of each citizen is to contribute to shaping a new Russia; that is what we must do to be patriots.

I hope you will be decent citizens of this country, creating its heritage and splendor.

On this day I want to wish you to win your goals, and  let love, happiness, wellbeing, harmony and peace surround you in our great country.

MGGEU Rector, Professor Vagif Bayramov.