MGGEU Welcomes All-Russia’s Public Movement “StopNarkotik” ( “Stop Drugs”)

All-Russia’s public movement “StopNarkotik” (“StopDrugs”) participants made a presentation for MGGEU students which told about social risks connected with drug abuse and distribution of psychotropic and intoxicating substances among young people.

Yaroslav Borchev, an active member of the movement, told the students about the new dangerous ways of involving young people into vicious circles. MGGEU students became aware of an active anti-drug propaganda, legislative initiatives and toolkits in modern media, implemented by the All-Russian public movement “StopNarkotik” (StopDrugs”).

This series of “StopNarkotik” (“StopDrugs”) Prevention Centre activities are sponsored by the Public Relations Committee of the Government of Moscow and is covered on the official website of the movement: