MGGEU students win the Saint-Petersburg 2018 Quad Rugby Cup

MGGEU wheelchair students Dmitry Znanatzky and Eugene Nagichev as the members of Moscow Team took part in the Saint-Petersburg 2018 Quad Rugby competition.

Two days of competition saw Moscow national team, Saint-Petersburg national team, Finnish team “Roosters” and German team “MCP” compete for the Cup.

MGGEU students participated in the Opening Ceremony where they were welcomed by N. G. Tsed, Head of Primorski District., S.V. Kuzmitskoy, vice-chairman of the Saint-Petersburg’s Committee of Physical Culture and Sports, S.V. Gutnikov, President of Sports Federation of People with Disabilities and Pihovkin V.V., executive director of Saint-Petersburg Rugby Federation.
MGGEU students Dmitry Zbanatskiy and Evgeniy Nagichev as members of the Moscow Team won over the German Team and were awarded the gold medal.

The university administration congratulates our students and wishes them new successes and achievements!