MGGEU Students’ Meeting with OTTO BOCK Representatives

On April 26, 2018, MGGEU students welcomed Vladimir Sergeevich Kiselev, a two-time 2006 Paralympic champion, a two-time 2010 Paralympic medalist, the Russian biathlon champion in the 7.5 km sprint among the “sit-down” athletes, and the Honored Master of Sports of Russia.

The athlete told the students about his life experience, track records and unlimited opportunities for people with disabilities. The meeting was followed by a confabulation with V. S. Kiselev with exhibition table tennis and basketball games coming next.
The meeting was also attended by Otto Bock representatives of the German prosthetic and orthopedic company, the world-leading manufacturer of prosthetic, orthopedic and rehabilitation products.  They exhibited their products enabling the MGGEU students with MSD to assess the effectiveness and functionality of wheelchairs in sporting competitions.