«Leader» School

On November 8, 2018 MGGEU hosted “Leader” School opening ceremony, which is the university project aimed at obtaining leadership competencies for successful team work, as well as identifying leadership skills among students.

Vagif Bayramov, MGGEU Rector, Doctor of Sociology delivered students his farewell address. He placed special emphasis on the leader skills importance that human capabilities are endless and people with so-called “limited opportunities” can also become leaders due to their will and desire to succeed. The Rector stressed that there is nothing impossible in life, wished the students good luck in learning and expressed the hope that those who will be able to lead will grow from the «Leader» School.

The first lecture was given by L. Kulyomina, PhD in Sociology and Senior Lecturer. She presented the topic «Personal and patriotic development: from history to the present days” by defining the concept of “patriotism”, its evolution throughout the epochs, and the role of personality in history.

The lecturer presented a historical retrospective from the labors of Hercules and Odysseus and the antiquity ideological leaders (Socrates, Plato and Aristotle) to the contemporary period. The lecture focused on Russian patriots who were saving the country in the most tragic periods due to their leadership qualities and love for the Motherland. L. Kulyomina elaborated on the patriotic education of man and citizen, revealed the modern patriotism features which foster civic-mindedness.

According to the students, the first lecture was very useful. “Leader” School was organized to cultivate students’ skills of leadership behavior, organizer competencies and today the school work has particular importance.