Kuban community supports MSHEU students

A meeting of students with members of the Board of the Kuban Community in Moscow took place at the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University.
During the business part of the event, the participants discussed the results of the last online meeting with the participation of representatives of the community, the leadership of the MSHEU, responsible employees of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia and the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Krasnodar Territory. Its participants discussed the conditions and options for graduates’ employment and internship by students in their native region, as well as issues of career guidance in the region for the selection of young people for inclusive higher education.
“The main mission of the Moscow Kuban community is to unite our fellow countrymen living in the capital. We help students to preserve the traditions and values of their small homeland here, and graduates to find a good job in their native region,” said Yuri Fedorovich Azarov, Chairman of the Board of the Kuban Community NGO.
In the creative part of the meeting, students were introduced to the cultural traditions of the Krasnodar Territory.
“We have students from many regions of Russia. Most of them are ready to share the traditions of their small homeland, and we support these initiatives. There are also students from the Krasnodar Territory at MSHEU – more than 30 people, some of whom have disabilities. Such events allow young people to learn more about the history of our country, to dive deeper into the diversity of cultures of its peoples,” said Valery Vladimirovich Ryazansky, Scientific Director of the Moscow State University of Economics.
Representatives of the fraternity told the students of MGSEU about the history of Kuban, about outstanding fellow countrymen – politician Alexander Kachanov, cosmonaut Viktor Gorbatko, military commander Nikolai Reznichenko. Then representatives of the youth activists of the community performed dance numbers in national costumes to Cossack songs. A surprise for the guests was a student video reflecting the optimistic spring mood of the Kuban boys and girls studying at MSHEU. The evening ended with a creative meeting with Kuban poets Ivan Belokrylov, Irina Kovaleva and Antonina Belova. They presented collections of author’s poems and held a master class for students on poetic mastery.