Inclusive Social Volunteering School Continues work at MGGEU

On October 16, the University auditorium   welcomed the Russian Disability NGO “Perspectiva” representatives who invited MGGEU students to a conversation.

NGO “Perspectiva” was founded in 1997 and is one of the leading Russian organizations defending disabled people’s rights. The majority of its employees are people with disabilities who have encountered specific problems peculiar to the disabled and their families’ members.

NGO “Perspectiva” HR managers Alena Nazarova and Vladimir Denisov told about the employment related projects for the disabled, such as «Inclusion Job Fair», «Career Makings», «Coaching », «Top-100 Reserve»  and others which give the disabled an opportunity to find a job (a total of more than 800 applicants have already been employed).

The guests also told the audience about job trainings, excursions and tutoring programs provided by the “Perspectiva” stuff members; they focused on physically impaired people employment challenges and gave the students pieces of valuable advice on how to start their career and be successful.

Alena Nazarova and Vladimir Denisov stressed that Perspektiva’s assistance to persons with disabilities is free of charge and invited the audience to attend The Youth Forum “Professional Development” which is due on October 18th, 2018. The Forum will provide students and young professionals with wide range of opportunities, such as meeting representatives of large businesses and asking them job-related questions as well as submitting their CVs and potential job interviews.