“I am a creative person”: MSHEU Master’s student Alexander Tarasov became the hero of a portrait essay

The newspaper “Vesti” of the Medvedevsky municipal district (Republic of Mari El) published the publication “I am a creative person”, dedicated to Alexander Tarasov, a graduate student of the Faculty of Sociology and Journalism (profile “Multimedia Journalism”).
Alexander is a native of the village of Azyakovo, Medvedevsky district. From early childhood, he participated in amateur performances, with the help of his father, he learned to play the guitar, mastered the piano on his own. Alexander’s whole life is connected with music, vocals and creativity. Alexander’s abilities were revealed at MSHEU: he is engaged in the development of the university’s Internet radio Single. Recently launched a new project: a series of NEFORMAT video podcasts. This year Alexander is finishing his master’s degree.
Much attention in the essay is paid to the role of MSHEU in the life of Alexander Tarasov. “In Moscow, I also perform at various events, visit theaters, museums and concerts. In 2021, he participated in the “Path to Career“ competition for young applicants with disabilities and reached the final. The acquired knowledge and perseverance allowed me to get a job at my university. Now I work as a laboratory assistant, I conduct Internet radio of the university, I work with students in the professional student society “Radio Single MSHEU”,” the publication says.