Happy New Academic Year!

On September 3, 2018 the Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics hosted an exciting event to mark the beginning of the academic year.

Rector of the University, Professor Vagif Bayramov gave the teaching staff and the guests a welcome address which said, “Dear academics, students and staff members, I want to congratulate you on the beginning of the new academic year, which is an event that symbolizes people’s striving for knowledge and innovation. This year MGGEU welcomes students from CIS states and far-abroad countries, so we can say that our University has entered the international inclusion arena”.

The ceremony was attended by special guests Mikhail Vladimirovich Dovbnya, Head of Moscow’s Metrogorodok district Council, Diana Gurtzkaya, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation and Leonid Leonidovich Fedorov, Law department assistant professor, the Great Patriotic War veteran.

The traditional fresher football match-dedication to the new school year with Rector’s participation also took place, Rector’s team has scored.

Every new academic year sets us new tasks, new artistic quests and opportunities.

We wish to all the students and postgrads to fulfill their potential in the upcoming year of their students’ lives!

Happy Knowledge Day!