On November 28, 2018, the meeting between students of the Faculty of Sociology and Journalism and the organizers and sponsors of the II Regional Charitable Inclusive Festival “Children for Children” was held in at the conference hall of the MGGEU Academic Council. The event, targeted towards a social adaptation of children with disabilities, was held on September 23 in Podolsk in the Talalikhin Park and was arranged to commemorate the Day of the city. The organizers of the Festival were the “Yakhont” Center for Social Initiatives and Cultural and Business Cooperation, the Foundation for Presidential Grants of the Russian Federation, the City District Administration of Podolsk, the Union of Volunteers of Russia sponsored by the open consortium “VA-Velistok”, the Social Security Agency sponsored by the Motoring Journalists Guild. Special needs children from all over the country were invited to the event. During the festival, activities such as master classes, lectures, sports events, fire equipment and creative works of the Union of Artists of Russia exhibitions were available for the participants and guests.

The event was culminated with a gala concert with the participation of famous artists. That day ended with a theatrical performance “The Crystal Doll”, staged by the artists from the inclusive theater “Children of the Sun” and the sign-choreographic ensemble “Miracles” in the cast.

During the round-table at the MGGEU, attending students shared their impressions from the festival with the guests, among whom there was Irina Vladimirovna Babakova, deputy head of the Podolsk administrative district. She stressed the importance of suchlike events not only for the residents of Podolsk, but also for Russia as a whole. “It is important to show people with disabilities that their opportunities are truly limitless and that they can live in a modern society on an equal basis with everyone without any social pressure. Equal opportunities for equals”, stated Babakova.

Another sponsor, Nedelina Olga Mikhailovna, Chairman of the Motoring Journalists Guild, thanked our students for prompt journalistic work and pointed out that despite all the difficulties with preparation, the festival sparked genuine interest and promoted the integration of people with disabilities into active social life.

The organizers of the Festival offered cooperation with our university to V. D. Bayramov, the Rector of MGGEU, who gladly accepted it and promised to collaborate in the further implementation of similar socially important ideas and projects.

At the end of the round-table, the university volunteers who covered the festival, were presented with mementoes from organizers and sponsors.