Congratulations on Teacher’s Day from Rector V.D.Bayramov

Dear colleagues!

Let me congratulate you on your professional holiday, Teacher’s Day!

I want to express heartfelt thanks to you for your dedicated work, talent and hearts set to sow the seeds of wisdom and knowledge which will grow into spiritual sprouts of personal integrity of our future generation.

Being an academic teacher is an honorable and responsible task. I know how diligently you work on improving your professional skills in terms of exploring new creative and innovative methods and framing challenging programs and solutions.

We always remember our first role-model mentors with gratitude and together we serve a noble cause of giving a start in life to those who want to get a good profession.
I want your students to look up to you and to follow the spark of inspiration you ignite in their hearts. Let all your days be filled with professional achievements and acknowledgement from your colleagues.

Rector, Vagif Bayramov