Congratulations of the Rector of MSHEU Igor Vasilyevich Mikhalev on Student’s Day

Today is Student’s Day. It was on January 25, 1755, on the day of the martyr of St. Tatiana, that Empress Elizabeth Petrovna signed a decree on the establishment of Moscow State University.
This date has become an official university holiday. Igor Vasilyevich Mikhalev, Rector of the Moscow State University of Humanities and Economics, addresses the students with congratulations.

Dear friends,

Student’s Day, or Tatiana’s Day, as this holiday is traditionally called, is a unique phenomenon that unites not only students across the country, but also different generations. It is no coincidence that we tenderly call the years of study at the university the most wonderful, fruitful, active time when, under the guidance of teachers and mentors, young people get a profession, develop, improve, manifest themselves in science, sports, youth policy, artistic creativity. Hardly any other life period can be compared with the student one in terms of discoveries. That is why every person carefully keeps memories of his student years in his soul.

You are students of a unique educational institution with wonderful traditions. Any achievements are within your power, and I would like to wish that every student of MSHEU became a first-class and sought-after specialist and make a worthy contribution to the development of Russia.

Dear students, I wish you perfect health, effective, high-quality and interesting studies, promising ideas and initiatives, self-confidence! And may your student years give you good friends!

Sincerely, Rector of MSHEU I. V. Mikhalev