Congratulations of the Principal on the Day of Russian students

I congratulate you on the Day of Russian students!

Tatyana’s Day – Russian Students’ Day is an integral part of student life. The years of studenthood are rightfully called the most vivid, fun, filled with significant moments, creative daring, friendship and love. It is exactly within these years that the foundations of a future career are laid, a life position is formed, the most important capital, knowledge, are also acquired. Mastering the chosen profession, young people begin to realize themselves in their studies, confidently moving towards their dream. The most loyal friends appear in the student body and strong feelings are born. The time of studying at the university leaves a bright mark on life, which is why Tatiana’s Day is so loved and honored in Russia by students of all generations.

I wish all students to achieve their goals, to conquer professional heights, to overcome any obstacles. Take care of precious moments of student life – comprehend, study science, study, engage in social activities. Love life and strive for new victories and achievements! And may the patroness of the students, St. Tatiana help you in any endeavors!

Principal of MGHEU, Professor V.D. Bayramov