Congratulations of MGGEU Rector on the Beginning of the New Academic Year


Dear lecturers and students!

I cordially congratulate you on the beginning of a new 2017/2018 academic year!

I want to wish you all a productive year. It is an exciting event for the students who are taking a new round in their quest for knowledge; lecturers, and first – year students who have entered an adulthood.

We hope that the ranks of our university and its branches are joined by talented and promising students.

It is challenging to study at an inclusive university but the academic staff  will do their best to help the newcomers get adjusted to a new educational environment and unlock their potential, bringing to life scientific and creative search.

Dear colleagues!  I am sure we will successfully fulfill the scope of engagement in all the university’s activity areas.

Let me wish you effective work with ambitious students who are ready to explore new horizons of knowledge.

I wish you all health, success, courage and creative prosperity!