Career Guidance Day of MSHEU at the UNESCO Associated School

On April 14, the head of the Department of Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication of MGSEU Verzhinskaya Inna Vladimirovna and the senior lecturer of the department Penkova Elena Aleksandrovna held a career guidance event with high school students of one of the UNESCO associated schools, namely V.N. Mikhailov Secondary School No. 2 in Korolev.
As you know, the network of UNESCO associated schools in Russia is one of the most developed in the world. Today it unites 368 secondary educational institutions that share and actively promote the high ideals and values of UNESCO. Established in 1953, the UNESCO Associated Schools network unites about 11.5 thousand educational institutions from 182 countries of the world. Associated schools set themselves the task of educating young people in the traditions of tolerance and intercultural dialogue. To do this, they use educational techniques focused on the active participation of the students themselves.
Inna Vladimirovna told the children about the directions of university training, about student life and studies at the Faculty of Foreign Languages of the Moscow State Humanitarian and Economic University, about the possibilities of scientific and creative realization, the formation of children as professionals in the relevant profile activities. Elena Alexandrovna shared the achievements of MSHEU students in the volunteer and sports sectors, answered the questions of future applicants.