A student round table “Modern Finance” was held at the Faculty of Economics of MSHEU

The organizer of the round table was Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance Roman Ryspekovich Chugumbaev. The scientific expert of the event was the head of the Department of Economics and Finance, Doctor of Economics, Professor Yulia Nikolaevna Nesterenko. Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance Dmitry Vladimirovich Timokhin became a scientific consultant to the participants of the event. The functions of the technical moderator were performed by Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Finance Evgeny Valeryevich Trubacheyev. The participants of the scientific event were 1st and 3rd year students of the Faculty of Economics.
The round table was opened by Yulia Nikolaevna Nesterenko, who pointed out one of the important dilemmas facing the modern professional economic community: what access to financial activities should be. “Only a select circle of economists with specialized education, special professional training and sufficient work experience should make global – and often fateful – financial decisions, including at the level of the state and large corporations? Or will the current trends of democratization and popularization of financial education, starting almost from kindergarten, lead to the fact that every citizen will have competencies that give him the opportunity to implement financial activities of different levels, scale, industry affiliation and significance for capital holders on a balanced and rational basis?” – Yulia Nikolaevna outlined.
To answer the key question, the participants of the round table were divided into two teams and during three rounds of meetings and debates tried to determine the future face of the global financier.
The outcome of the round table was the development of modern principles of the organization and conduct of financial activities, the identification of risks of financial errors and miscalculations and the creation of a mechanism to protect against them, the preparation of a forecast of financial education and professional qualities of a financier for the medium and long term.
In the final, each of the participants expressed their opinion about the future of financial activity, the importance of scientific meetings, methods and results of conducting scientific debate within the walls of the university, and in the future – on larger sites.