A student of MSHEU won the contest of hand-drawn stories from the “Immortal Regiment of Russia” (“Bessmertniy Polk”)

Victoria Chudnovskaya, a student of the Faculty of Digital Technologies and Cybersecurity at MSHEU, received a prize in a special nomination at the Moscow Regional Competition of Hand-drawn and Animated stories. The girl created one of the best plots based on the real events of the Great Patriotic War, and embodied it in a graphic comic.

Based on the results of the project “Battle for Moscow – hand-drawn stories of the winners’ great-grandchildren” and the Moscow regional competition of hand-drawn and animated stories, 10 winners from nine districts of the Moscow region and Moscow were determined in three categories: “Hand-drawn stories in the category of 15-16 years”, “Hand-drawn stories in the category of 17-20 years” and “Animation”. MSHEU student Victoria Chudnovskaya won the jury with her work about the boy Ivan Goltsov, who survived the war with his family.

On January 30th, an award ceremony was held in Moscow. For the victory, Victoria received a graphic tablet, and her mentor Angelina Nikitina – artistic director and head of the creative club of MSHEU “Art-Environment” – was awarded a diploma.

The project “The Battle for Moscow – hand-drawn stories of the great-grandchildren of the winners” is being implemented by the Immortal Regiment of Russia in the Moscow region and the ANO “My Choice” with the support of the Ministry of Information and Social Communications of the Moscow Region. It is aimed at the creative development of the history of the Second World War and the Great Patriotic War of 1944-1945, the popularization of the defenders’ heroic image and the development of young people’s skills in creating digital and graphic works.