Dear veterans, teachers, staff, students!

The day of the Great Victory is the memory of the immortal feat of the people during the Great Patriotic War, which selflessly defended the freedom and independence of the Fatherland. This is a deep gratitude to the heroes-winners and responsibility in our hearts. Their courage and perseverance, loyalty to duty and the highest ideals will always be a true example of love for the motherland for us and future generations. In the life of every nation there are dates that will never be forgotten. No matter how many years have passed since May 1945, we will never forget that this is a great victory for justice over evil and violence. We will never run out of gratitude and admiration for the feat of veterans, front-line soldiers, home front workers, as well as all those who raised a ravaged country from ruins and ashes. We will pay respect and love to relatives and friends, who passed through military tests with honor. We congratulate each other on the holiday, which always remains with us as a symbol of our national pride and unity. On these holidays, I sincerely wish you peace, good, happiness, health and well-being, inexhaustible energy and optimism!

The Principal of the Moscow State University of Economics and Humanities Professor: Bayramov V.D.