MGGEU Students of Foreign Languages Department Participated in the 15th International Language Day Event at The Russian International Academy for Tourism

On November 27, our students took part in the International Language Day carried out by the Russian International Academy for Tourism (RIAT).

Our participants alongside with the students of the Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Yegorevsky vocational school, the RIAT and the MRSU participated in «Sights around the World» quiz conducted by Tatyana Efremtseva, the head of the RIAT Department of Foreign Languages and Foreign Studies. Students of MGGEU showed their knowledge of different country sights and their level of foreign language proficiency. All the participants received giveaway presents.

The International Day of Languages continued with the performances of the creative teams from different educational institutions. Students of our university presented five projects. Maria Kosyak, the fourth-year student of the Foreign Languages Department, presented her motivation address « I have a dream…», Nelly Zaripova gave a speech entitled «Volunteering is a way to develop yourself» and devoted to her volunteering experience. Choigana Sat and Daria Kuznetsova, the second and third year students respectively, offered the audience an interactive virtual trip to the heart of Asia, the Tyva Republic. They performed in the Tuvinian language and told about the outstanding history of this unique region of the Russian Federation and its tourist attractions. Our students also made presentations in German and Spanish, studied at the Foreign Languages Department of MGGEU. Lika Butsuradze, the fourth-year student, recited a heart-stirring poem written by Heinrich Heine and dedicated to his mother. Fifth-year students Abulfaz Shakhbazov, Anna Prilepina and Ekaterina Kitsenko, shared memories about their journey and volunteer work in Spain.

All the students showed high linguistic and presentation skills and were awarded certificates. Their scientific supervisors V. Dzhabrailova, N. Belozertseva, M. Fomicheva and S. Belova, acquired notes of thanks from the event moderators. This festival allowed the students to discover new opportunities offered by learning foreign languages, to make new acquaintances and to become familiar with customs, traditions and cultural peculiarities of different Russian regions and other countries.